Recipients of the Gill C. Job Award for Outstanding Service


1993 Joseph J. Hoffman, Gloucester County Clerk
1994 Edward Kelly, Burlington County Clerk
1995 Donald H. Wagner, Gloucester County Surrogate
1996 Angela F. Pulvino, Cape May County Clerk
1997 Donald W. De Leo, Hudson County Surrogate
1998 Ann P. Conti, Union County Surrogate
1999 Terrance D. Lee, Warren County Clerk
2000 M. Dean Haines, Ocean County Clerk
2001 Joanne Rajoppi, Union County Clerk
2002 R. Peter Widin, Somerset County Clerk
2003 Marie S. Muhler, Monmouth County Surrogate
2004 Harry Freitag, Cumberland County Surrogate
2005 Ralph G. Froelich, Union County Sheriff
2006 W. Robert Hentges, Cape May County Surrogate
2007 Kevin J. Hoagland, Middlesex County Surrogate
2008 M. Claire French, Monmouth County Clerk
2009 Brett A. Radi, Somerset County Clerk
2010 Erma Gormley, Sussex County Clerk
2011 Joseph  P. Brennan, Jr. Essex County Surrogate
2012 Rita Marie Fulginiti Cape May County Clerk
2013 Patricia Egan Jones Camden County Surrogate
2014           Mary H. Melfi Hunterdon County Clerk
2015 Patricia J. Kolb Warren County Clerk
2016 Barbara A. Netchert Hudson County Clerk
2017 Diane Gerofsky Mercer County Surrogate

Rita M. Rosenberg Award
for Outstanding Service by a Deputy or Undersheriff

2003 John Armeno, Sussex County Undersheriff
2004 Alan Falcone, Union County Deputy Clerk
2005 Jennifer J. Trotman, Gloucester County Deputy Surrogate
2006 Scott M. Colabella, Ocean County Deputy Clerk
2007 Wade M. Hale, Burlington County Deputy Clerk
2008 Suzann M. Callinan, Cape May County Deputy Surrogate
2009 Eileen Mielczarek, Middlesex County Deputy Surrogate
2010 Sharon A. Borys, Bergen County Special Deputy Surrogate
2011 Herbert Stiles, Salem County Deputy Clerk             
2012 Lorraine Senerchia Hudson County Deputy Register       
2013 Felicia Santaniello Monmouth County Deputy Clerk
2014 Ted Kammer Monmouth County Undersheriff
2015 Elizabeth A. Wilson Warren County Deputy Clerk
2016 Susan M. McKenna Gloucester County Deputy Surrogate
2017 John Schmidt Camden County Deputy Clerk

Honorary Membership

Walter G. Halpin, former Union County Clerk
Edward A. Kelly, Jr., former Burlington County Clerk
Gilbert W. Lugossy, former Mercer County Sheriff
Vernon A. Noble, former Somerset County Surrogate
Dr. Francis P. McQuade, Esq., public service to the residents of Essex County
Albert Driver, former Mercer County Clerk
Ruth S. Carpenter, former Hunterdon County Sheriff
Harry Freitag, former Cumberland County Surrogate
Anne E. Rieker,   former Sussex County Surrogate
Larrie W. Stalks, former Essex County Register of Deeds
Lori Mooney, former Atlantic County Clerk
Patricia McGarry Drake, former Essex County Clerk
Michael J. Garvin, former Atlantic County Clerk
M. Dean Haines, former Ocean County Clerk
Terrance D. Lee, former Warren County Clerk
Marie S. Muhler, former Monmouth County Surrogate
Dorothy Tirpok, former Hunterdon County Clerk
James Plousis, former Cape May County Sheriff
James McGettigan, former Atlantic County Sheriff
Philip Haynes, former Burlington County Clerk
James Beach, former Camden County Clerk
Arthur Marchand, former Cumberland County Surrogate
Michael F. Barruzza, former Cumberland County Sheriff
John Cawman, former Salem County Clerk
Joseph P. Brennan, Jr. former Essex County Surrogate
Terrance Lee former Warren County Clerk
Donald De Leo    former Hudosn County Surrogate
M. Claire French former Monmouth County Clerk
Patricia Egan Jones former Camden County Surrogate



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